Sending Mass Email: Why You Need to Use a Transactional Mail Provider

If you own an e-commerce site or just simply sends out a lot of emails from your site, this scenario might seem familiar to you. Your recipient no longer receives your emails, and you received a bounce message from the server warning you that you have reached hourly mailing limits.

You then complained to your hosting provider, but they said they can’t do anything because you have reached the limit of emails that you can send every hour.

Don’t get angry yet. This limitation is there for a reason. If you are running your site on a shared hosting platform, your site is hosted along with hundreds, maybe thousands of other sites. Imagine if your provider allows unlimited amount of emails per hour, the server will quickly get blacklisted if one of these sites turns out to be sending spam. Worse of all, removing an IP Address or a domain from a blacklist is no easy matter.

To explain in simple term, the email hosting included with your hosting plan is simply designed for personal use.

So what do you have to do then? Well, you really need to consider using an external email provider that specialized in transactional mail. Using these services mean better deliverability rates, the ability to track whether your recipient has received, opened or click the emails that you sent them, and most importantly, they will automatically rotate the IP Address used to send your transactional mail, so the chance of being blacklisted is almost zero.

Where Can I Sign Up For This?

Well, first of all, you need to decide on a budget. There are multiple transactional email providers out there, with varying feature set, and price per volume of emails sent.  One of these transactional email providers called Sendgrid, for example, charge you $9.95 for 40 thousand emails sent per month, while another one called Mailgun charged a bit higher for the same volume of emails at $15/month.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something free, Mailgun can send 10 thousand emails for you every month for free, while Sendgrid allows for 9 thousand. Do note that although these figures are per month, Sendgrid limits the amount of emails sent to only 100 per day on their free plan.

How to use this thing??

Well, it’s pretty simple actually. First thing after you signed up with them, you will be provided with the ability to implement their mailing service using an API, or if you’re looking for something more traditional, they will also give you an SMTP server to use. You can then just change the configuration of your web application or website to use their SMTP server instead of your hosting provider’s.

After all is set, then you’re good to go. You now no longer have to worry about hourly email limits.

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