What Is Mod_Security? And Why Am I Blocked By It?

If you are hosting on a shared hosting platform, sometimes you will get what is known as Error 403, in which your access to a certain page or actions got blocked. One of the reason this could happen was because of an Apache module called mod_security. Mod_security is a web application firewall that was meant to protect your website from various attacks.

So What is Mod Security?

As I’ve explained, ModSecurity is a free open source web application firewall that sits in front of the actual web server application (Apache or Nginx) to scan and filter out any requests and block out anything that doesn’t follow ModSecurity strict rules.

But why am I blocked then, I was just editing my site?

Unfortunately due to the many rules included in ModSecurity and how strict it is, sometimes false positives are possible. The only way to clear this error is by contacting your hosting provider and asks for a check. Remember to include your IP Address to make the check easier, by using some tools like IPInfo or IP4Me.

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