Sending Mass Email: Why You Need to Use a Transactional Mail Provider

If you own an e-commerce site or just simply sends out a lot of emails from your site, this scenario might seem familiar to you. Your recipient no longer receives your emails, and you received a bounce message from the server

What is DNS Propagation? Why Should I Wait After Making a DNS Change?

This scenario might seem familiar to all of you who owned a website. You’ve just purchased a hosting plan along with a domain name, and in the welcome email, you noticed they’re telling you to wait at least 24 hours

ELI5: What is a CDN, and How Can it Help Me?

You’ve heard this term thrown around a lot. CDN, or Content Delivery Network. But what is it, and how can it help your website? Well, here at Hosting Wonderland our job is to explain, so let us explain. CDN is basically a set of servers that will cache your content, and serve it from multiple point of presence (POP)